Main Pond (Pond 1)

The Bridge to the Island on the Main Pond at Agua Caliente Park was installed July 13, 2020. Pima County NRPR plans to relocated a few benches on the island for patrons to sit, relax, and enjoy the serenity and scenery. We are nearing the completion of a long journey. Special thanks to Pima County Natural Resources Parks and Recreation & Flood Control for continuing to pursue this project and to the Friends of Agua Caliente for financial and moral support to keep the project moving forward.

Main Pond (Pond 1) Restoration Video (Short Version, 6:12 minutes)

Agua Caliente Park Main Pond completed Restoration Project. These pictures were taking May 20, 2020. Some basic landscaping still needs to be completed and a bridge will be installed this summer, opening the island to foot traffic.

Agua Caliente Park Main Pond Restoration Project. The park reopened February 28, 2020 and the following pictures were taken February 29, 2020. Landscaping and other work around the pond continues. The teal color is from the sealant used and will settle out in the next few weeks. A bridge will be installed to the main island this summer and a grand opening will be scheduled in the Fall.

Agua Caliente Park Main Pond being filled with water following the completion of the extensive restoration project. The Park will reopen February 28, 2020. Still to come — a bridge to the island.

Pictures of the Main Pond Restoration as of December 2019. For additional information, see our Main Pond post on the home page slider.

Main Pond Restoration as of July 2019. The project is in full swing with clearing some palm trees and dredging the pond.

Main Pond Restoration as of June 2019. The beginning of the restoration project.

Main Pond Restoration as of May 2019. Early process of draining the pond in preparation for the restoration project.

Pond History back in time.

The Following Pictures are from a time when the water was low. The lack of water was a result of reduced or lacking spring water flow and problems with the pump.