Videos – Agua Caliente Park

Below are some videos of Agua Caliente Park and the Friends of Agua Caliente. Use Browser back button when done to return to this page.

General overview of Agua Caliente Park in Tucson. Published October 2009.

Pete Filiatrault: Going Home to Agua Caliente Park. Published March 2017.

Pete Filiatrault grew up in the 1950s at what is now Agua Caliente Park. Join him on his journey back to the 101-acre historic site, which Pima County opened to the public in 1985. Filiatrault went on to found Friends of Agua Caliente, a volunteer group dedicated to preserving the park.

Pete Filiatrault and Sandy Sarah talk about forming the Friends of Agua Caliente to save Agua Caliente Park in Tucson, AZ. Published March 2017.

Video of Stage 1 of the Main Pond (Pond 1) Restoration projects taking place between June & August 2019.