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Friends of Agua Caliente (FOAC)

(View of Agua Caliente Park Pond 1)


The Friends of Agua Caliente (FOAC) is pleased to support the procurement of a variety of equipment for Pima County Natural Resources Parks and Recreation (NRPR) and the Patrons of Agua Caliente Park.  Some items are funded with donations and membership to FOAC and some are funded through Grants that FOAC submits to various organizations.  This equipment includes additional picnic tables, benches, decorative bases for park signage, a bike rack, support to the NRPR History lectures, and Earth Day and History Day volunteers, among other items as needed.  Check back often to see pictures and descriptions of our various activities.

     July 2011.  Grant received from Freeport-McRoRan Copper and Gold for four picnic tables.  These tables will enhance the Pima County Natural Resources Parks and Recreation (NRPR) program for youth environmental education at Agua Caliente Park and for the general use by Park visitors.  This generous donation helps preserve the limited funds available to Pima County NRPR.


     July 2011.  New Exhibit Cases.  Pima County Parklands Foundation received a generous donation from the family and friends of Ellen Susan Pinnas for custom exhibit cases to display artifacts collected during the archeological excavations of the whiptail site in the late 1960's and early 1970's and other representative artifacts on loan from the Arizona State Museum.  Interpretive signage and additional artifacts will be placed in the exhibit alcove to tell the story of people that lived in the area in the thirteenth century and to build on the stories of more recent inhabitants of Agua Caliente Park.  The exhibit cases are located in the Ranch House.


     March 19, 2011 -- Agua Caliente Park, Tucson, Arizona.  Dedication ceremony for the installation of a dual-base binocular viewer.  The binocular viewer was donated by the Martha Neff Foundation with support from the Friends of Agua Caliente.  We hope the Park Patron's enjoy using the binocular viewer to observe the variety of waterfowl, wildlife, and spectacular scenery of Agua Caliente Park.  Pima County Natural Resources Parks and Recreation will also use the viewer to support their education activities throughout the year.  The binocular viewer is located at the south end of the main pond, providing a sweeping view of the pond, island, habitat and surrounding mountains.